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46 years old, stay at home mom. I like the stability in my home and my Family, i believe in God and nourishment of my Son. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

What is normal??

A world where you are too fat, too thin, not small enough. Where mental illness is a catchy desecration relapse. But to come out an egg around spectrums, or a moon on your head is the latest buy.&amp;amp;nbsp; It's ok to drink at a Ball park event but you can't smoke in most areas. Normal is a young man that Denise his son, and a mother that neglect here's for other pleasures. It's ok that an affinder can reach there victims online,, while prison guards make extra cash for there folly, is it right that we are force to know Spanish and not choose to learn instead, is it safe to allow tape worm to grow and hatch eggs inside or bodies to loose weight. Is it fine that we still have police brutality, and that a young black women go from jail, never seen again, then here bones found scattered. God made us, but man try and mold us all.</p>